Nissan S Models

The Nissan S-platform was Nissan’s rear wheel drive sports automobile platform, produced from model year 1976 to 2002. It was sold in every major market where Nissan cars were available. It was usually equipped with an inline four-cylinder engine, and had four seats in a “two-plus-two” configuration.

Model/Engine/Region Breakdown

Chassis Name Market Year Engine Notes
S10 Silvia Japan 1976–1979 L18 Based on B210.
200SX North America 1976–1979 L20B Based on B210.
S11 Silvia Not sold 1980 Twin Rotor Wankel engine
  • Originally designed for Wankel engine.
  • Based on B310/A10.
S110 Silvia Japan 1980–1983 Z18, Z20
  • Notchback.
  • S11 with 4-stroke engines, zero added to model name S11 > S110.
Gazelle Japan 1980–1983 Z18, Z20
  • Fastback with hatch.
  • S11 with 4-stroke engines, zero added to model name S11 > S110.
240RS Japan 1982–1984 FJ24 Group A Rallying homologation model. BS110
Europe 1980–1983 Z18
200SX North America 1980–1983 Z20
S12 Silvia Japan 1984–1987 CA18, CA18ET, FJ20, FJ20ET Based on S130.
1988 CA18DET 1.8 DOHC turbo
Europe 1984–1988 FJ20, CA18ET 2.0 DOHC, 1.8 SOHC turbo
Gazelle Japan 1984–1987 CA18, CA18ET, FJ20, FJ20ET Nearly identical to Silvia sold in Japan.
Australia 1984–1988 CA20 2.0 SOHC
180ZX Scandinavia 1988 CA18ET Similar to Silvia sold in the rest of Europe.
200SX North America 1984–1988 CA20E
1984–1986 CA18ET 1.8 SOHC turbo; sold through 1988 in Canada.
1987–1988 VG30E 3.0L V6, model used for Nissan WRC Group A rally car when Group B 240RS was banned.
S13 Silvia Japan 1989–1993 CA18DE, CA18DET, SR20DE, SR20DET Based on A31, Notchback. Fixed head lights.
180SX Japan 1989–1998 CA18DET, SR20DE, SR20DET Fastback with hatch. Pop up headlamps.
Sileighty Japan 1998 SR20DET Produced for Nissan by Kid’s Heart. 180SX Fastback with hatch. Fixed head lights from Silvia.
200SX Europe/New Zealand 1989–1994 CA18DET Fastback with hatch. Pop up headlamps.
240SX North America 1989–1990 KA24E Both notchback and fastback with hatch. Pop up headlamps.
1991–1994 KA24E, KA24DE
S14 Silvia Japan 1994–1998 SR20DE, SR20DET
200SX Europe/Australia/New Zealand 1994–1998 SR20DET
240SX USA 1995–1998 KA24DE
S15 Silvia Japan 1999–2002 SR20DE, SR20DET
200SX Australia/New Zealand 2000–2002 SR20DET

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